5 Ways To Overcome The Fear of Visiting The Dentist

5 Ways To Overcome The Fear of Visiting The Dentist

May 13, 2019

Going to the dental clinic is something you would never call it fun. It’s really scary and uncomfortable at the same time to have someone’s hand and tools in the mouth.

Drilling and suctioning is really not an enjoyable experience. But most of us bear that pain and make a visit to dental clinic Hornsby just because they are a positive experience.  Not to forget that regular dental visits are also an important part of maintaining your health. So, it’s worth dealing with a small amount of discomfort.

If the prospect of visiting the clinic has your teeth chattering, you are not alone. Many people are so afraid to visit the dentist that they avoid it altogether. According to the study, majority of them have so much of anxiety about visiting a dentist that they only go when it’s necessary.

People who are afraid of visiting the dentist make lame excuses to others as well as to themselves. They complain that they are busy, don’t have time or money to go. Like anything else, you can’t just fix the problem until you admit it. Pinpoint where the fear actually originated. Here are some tips for getting over your fear of the dentist.

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Find A Good Dentist

Ask your friends and family members for recommendations especially who had fears and have overcome them. Reviews and search for a dentist who is funny as well. A study revealed that humor can significantly reduce the dental fear.

Admit Your Fears

While scheduling the appointment, be honest about your fears and ask if you can meet with the dentist to talk about it. It will reveal a lot about how the dentist will attend to your needs. Look for a dentist who will listen to you without any judgement and also try to figure out how to overcome the fear of dental procedures.

Distract Yourself

The sound of drills and suction tubes can sometime unnerve patients. You can wear earplugs or headphones to reduce these frightening sounds. Bring your iPod or smartphone or earbuds to listen music. Distracting your mind can help your mind off what’s happening around you.

Be in Control

The dentist should explain you what’s going to happen and how it can feel and will also ask your permission before continuing. So, develop a method for communicating with your dentist even when you can’t talk.

Give nonverbal signals to indicate if something is provoking your fear or causing you discomfort or pain so the dentist will stop. Don’t push to do something that’s distressing to you. It will only add bad associations you have with dental work.

Try to Relax

Prayer, controlled breathing, visualization and meditation techniques can help you to relax. Some of the clinic such as All Smiles Dentistry suggests to take a big breath, holding it and letting it out slowly. It helps you to slow your heartbeat and relax you.

Overcoming this fear is not only important for your own health but also for your children’s health. Research shows that 20% of children are afraid of the dentist and the primary factor is their parents are afraid too. So, it’s worth to overcome the fear at least to avoid passing it along to your kids.