Easy Ways To Find The Best Dentist in Your Suburb

Easy Ways To Find The Best Dentist in Your Suburb

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December 6, 2018

When it comes to seeing a dentist, it’s not only for cleaning your teeth but to ensure the overall health of your teeth and mouth. Dental health is of high importance in maintaining overall good health.

Regular dental check ups are also the first port of call for oral cancer screening.

Here are some tips that All Smiles Dentistry would like to offer to help you choose a local dentist.

Things you need to check before choosing a dentist

Firstly, availability of an emergency, dentist  to bring relief from acute pain or infection. That is why the following points elaborate the different facts you should check when selecting a dentist in your locality.

Location and office hours

Location is significant because you do not want to travel large distances when you are in lots of pain.

Emergency availability is important. Many clinics will advertise emergency services on their websites, however, a quick call will determine whether this is just an advertising ploy. Also, you must consider the general office hours of the dentist so that you can visit them based on their regular hours.


Amongst the other important factors that need to be taken into consideration is the price. You must check whether they accept dental health funds and can they process this directly with HICAPS? Do they have multiple payment options like cash, credit cards, and personal cheques?

It is also wise at this point to get an idea of costs involved, with emergency dentists usually charging a surcharge for opening their surgery after hours.

In an emergency, dentist charge more than their usual fees, so make sure to enquire before booking an appointment.


Being comfortable with your dentist is essential for communication and treatment.

It is also wise to have a long term relationship with one dentist rather than shopping around each time you require treatment.

In addition the corporate practices are likely to have different dentists every time you visit and are usually staffed by new graduates. This can be disconcerting for many nervous patients.


Most Australian dentists are well qualified but their experience can differ greatly from new graduates to experienced dentists.

Remember the more experienced the dentist the more likely you are to get appropriate diagnosis and treatment for your dental problems.

And remember the corporate clinics are likely to have inexperienced dentists particularly for after hours emergency.

Are specialists necessary? Not always, as their costs will be higher for the same treatment and you may have to wait a long time for an appointment and treatment.

Did you find this post helpful? If yes, then make sure to share these facts with your friends and relatives so that they can find the best dentist for ensuring overall dental health.