Effective Ways to Combat Dental Emergencies

Effective Ways to Combat Dental Emergencies

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May 24, 2019

Emergencies can crop up anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it is important be prepared to tackle such crises smartly and quickly, before taking the patient to the clinic. All Smiles Dentistry, a celebrated dental outlet in Australia, is particularly conscientious in handling exigencies with professional expertise and competent skills.

The following are some of the most effective temporary measures to tackle common dental issues.

Common Toothache

In case of a sudden toothache, the best possible solution is to rinse the mouth thoroughly and also floss between the teeth to prise out food particles. Apart from that, you may also apply cold and warm compression over the affected area.

However, do not apply warmth or cold for a long time. You may then take a painkiller; most importantly, make sure there is no direct contact between aspirin and the swollen area.

Broken Tooth

Given the potency of the teeth, only a very severe impact can succeed dislodging a tooth. In case of a broken tooth, the similar compression remedies may be applied. If there is considerable blood flow on the inside, it is generally recommended to have some sugar to impede the flow.

However, in case of a broken tooth, temporary measures are only elementarily viable. Therefore, you must get to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

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Fractured Jaw

In case of a possible fractured jaw there is not much that you could do apart from immediate clinical intervention. However, in such a crisis the most important thing is to disable the jaw as quickly as possible.

For instance, you can disable or cripple it by a handkerchief, necktie or anything that you find suitable. Apart from that, you may also use a towel wrapped round the head, which seems the better choice. Contact the nearest hospital right away.

Bitten Tongue

Inevitably, the tongue is located in a very sensitive position. Inattentive chewing or even talking may leave a sudden sharp bite on either the tongue or the lips. In case of a bitten tongue or a lip, make sure to immediately put direct pressure on the affected area with a view to contain the bleeding.

Having done that, apply moderate cold compression in order to minimize prospects of swelling. In a majority of cases the bleeding ceases. If not, contact the nearest emergency dental clinic.

Knocked-out Tooth

In case of a tooth knocked out, rinse the tooth in fresh water. Also, make sure you do not touch the tooth frequently. If possible, put the tooth back into the socket and try to hold it firmly.

If not, you can always avail of a specific tooth-preserving solution from a local store. Or you can place the tooth in a container before going to the dentist. Generally speaking, it is recommended to take the tooth to the dentist within half an hour of its dislodging to increase chances of saving and normalising it.

As mentioned at the outset, dental emergencies must be tackled quickly and sprucely. Most of the times, quick response increases prospects of speedy solution.