Effective Ways to Treat your Bite Problems

Effective Ways to Treat your Bite Problems


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May 24, 2019

The alignment of the jaws constitutes a pivotal role in shaping the overall look of the human face. However, at times there are natural or accidental misconfigurations which need to be corrected.

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Chiefly, there are 4 kinds of bite problems: overbite, cross-bite, under-bite and open bite. The following are some of the basic corrective measures followed by orthodontists over the world.

Open Bite

In case of the open bite issue, it may either be caused naturally or due to thumb sucking, nervous biting or other erroneous biting habits. Most people tend to develop ugly biting habits since childhood.

However, the open bite condition may be corrected. Treatment procedures range from braces to oral surgery. For instance, the most popular open bite treatment is the use of invisalign braces which are perfect for the alignment of the front teeth.

However, in case of complications surgery may also be recommended.


The cross-bite condition arises when the upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth. What makes a cross-bite condition particularly dangerous is that it is relatively inconspicuous compared to the overbite condition.

Being difficult to detect, it is especially harmful both for the teeth and the gums. If the issue is confined to a tooth, braces should be enough to fix it. However, if the problem has eroded the upper palate, an orthodontist might have to consider a palatal expander to resolve the issue.

Importantly, for those on the lookout for dental implants in Hornsby, the surgical intervention must be done as quickly as feasible.

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Of all the rest, an overbite condition is by far the most widely noted misalignments. The overbite condition is clearly the consequence of a largely asymmetrical proportion.

Specifically, it occurs when either the upper jaw is overdeveloped or the lower jaw is underdeveloped. Consequently, a host of problems starts to creep up. For instance, you might face difficulty to bite with your front teeth; moreover, if the teeth are already misaligned, they might nibble into the gums.

However, it can be corrected. Generally speaking, the clinical corrective measure involves developing the lower jaw since childhood, importantly; or use braces to effectively thrust the lower jaw forward.


Put simply, the under-bite is literally the technical opposite of the overbite. In this case, the lower jaw is overdeveloped.

Generally speaking, the corrective measure essentially involves the same procedure as in treating the overbite condition. However, at times the under-bite may demand surgical intervention. For instance, you may have to have your teeth removed or have a portion of the jawbone surgically removed.

The surgical intervention is mostly necessary to align the jaw bone properly. Often, having the teeth removed is inadequate.

As mentioned at the outset, the alignment of the jaw structure plays a pivotal role in determining the final looks of the face. Therefore, it is crucial to take adequate care of it, keeping in mind the stakes involved.