How To Know If You Need Dental Emergency?

How To Know If You Need Dental Emergency?

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May 13, 2019

Are you experiencing an unexplained toothache, cracking a molar on hard food or knocking out a tooth in an accident? All these can be considered an emergency that requires professional and quick treatment.

However, it is sometimes difficult to know whether anybody is experiencing a real emergency. This guide can help you understand whether you need for emergency dental and what you need to do if you experience dental trauma.

Dental Emergency

Dental emergency is an oral health condition which needs timely attention from the dentist. Sometimes, the nature of emergency is obvious like if a tooth has been severely cracked or knocked out. You may also have bleeding or pain but may be not so sure of its primary cause.

With medical emergency, it is really important to get an advice from the professional and do a treatment then and there. Ignoring severe pain, bleeding or broken or loosened tooth can create a lot of complications that will require expensive treatment later on.

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How Will You Know If a Situation Meets The Emergency?

All dental conditions don’t qualify as emergencies and they also don’t require immediate care. Mild toothache, lost fillings, broken crowns or broken or lost dental appliance like retainer or mouthguard can be aggravating, but not considered as an emergency.

Eventually they will require care so you should call your dentist, but in these cases you will probably not need an appointment.

Emergency Dentist involve uncontrolled bleeding, severe pain or a tooth that is at risk. a tooth is at risk if it has been severely loosened, cracked, broken or knocked out. In these situations, you need to seek professional care without any delay as it can improve your chance of saving your tooth.

What You Need to Do If You Think You Need Emergency Dental Care

Sometimes it can be really confusing to decide where to go for emergency. Calling your dentist is the best option but that’s not possible always. So, you need to seek care from local emergency room.

Call your dentist first whenever possible. Suppose your emergency happens outside of regular business hours, just check the website or paperwork from previous visit to check is there is any emergency number. If you can’t find any, call at the office.

All Smiles Dentistry Approach to Emergencies

At All Smiles Dentistry, we understand that dental emergencies can be really upsetting and uncomfortable. Our dentist is available on call for 24×7 to assist you with any emergency dental needs you may have. There are many dentists in Hornsby but Dr. Peter J. Lisle excellent reputation is built on his 30 years of experience, affordable pricing, quality dentistry and excellent clinic.

We care about the long term dental health of each of our clients. This is why our relationships with the clients don’t end after the initial treatment. We pride ourselves on continually growing the relationship