How Removing Wisdom Teeth Can Optimize Your Body Health

How Removing Wisdom Teeth Can Optimize Your Body Health


May 13, 2019

Often wisdom teeth create problem to oral health when they emerge and retained. If you keep the wisdom teeth, then they can contribute to a host of oral health conditions.

It includes tooth decay, gum disease, orofacial pain and occlusal problems. The Hornsby dentist recommend the removal of wisdom teeth due to their problematic nature.

Impacted wisdom teeth can increase the risk of abscesses and oral infections which can also access the bloodstream and spread in the body. You can also have other issues like tumors and cysts, dental pain and can also damage the surrounding teeth as the impacted molars try to erupt into the mouth. It can also negate the result of years of orthodontic treatment as the teeth may crowd to accommodate the large third molars.

Having wisdom teeth extracted early can prevent many oral health complications and also improves the person’s quality of life. Extraction of tooth involves removal of all tooth’s parts including the roots. Here are some of the body benefits you can have if you remove your wisdom teeth.

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Reduces Headache

During early adulthood, when wisdom teeth come through the gums, the rest of the teeth are well established in the gums and jaws. As the other teeth are well established, having an extra teeth emerge so late can lead to unwanted tooth movement.

Crowding is the common spacing issue associated with wisdom teeth. It not only affects tooth placement, it also affects that person’s comfort. Tooth movement also contributes to headaches which is an issue that affects patients with wisdom teeth emerging.

So, removing your wisdom teeth can improve the frequency of headaches as teeth no longer have pressure from third molars.

Decreased Risk of Oral Disease

Keeping the third molar can increase the person’s risk for developing common conditions like gum disease and dental caries. These conditions can cause oral infections, discomfort and loss of vital issue. So, Hornsby dental professionals suggest to remove your wisdom teeth as soon as possible as the person can also enjoy reduced risks of destructive oral health problems.

Less Orofacial Pain

Wisdom teeth produce facial and oral discomfort especially if the emergence of wisdom teeth has contributed already to tooth decay and gum disease. Orofacial pain can reduce the patient’s quality of life and removing third molars will mitigate the uncomfortable issues associated with wisdom teeth retention.

Wisdom teeth extraction is something that’s performed on millions each year and any surgical procedure is associated with risks. The surgeon will review the risks thoroughly before starting the procedure. He will also give instructions about how to prepare for the surgery and what steps you can take to reduce risks of complications like infection or dry sockets. You may need to make some adjustments to your activity and diet in those days following the extraction so the healing process is not interrupted.

If you have a wisdom tooth, schedule an appointment with All Smile Dentistry and the professionals will tell you whether you need an extraction or not. Your body and smile can get a boost from the treatment.